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    [Gangnam Style Encore] GD bunny horse dance + Bully Bom kkk
    @YG Family Concert in Singapore
    Fancam by anniejc

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    such a good looking family…

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    jiyong walking in like… ಠ_ಠ

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    Sexy in each and every single outfit <3

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140902 G-Dragon’s Instagram Update
    140902 G-Dragon’s Instagram Update


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    GD: “Blessed to be a part of this please donate! #alsicebucketchallenge Nominated by: @jinusean3000, @verbal_ambush, @angelababyct. I nominate: #PresidentYangHyunSuk #ChairmanLeeSooMan #ProducerParkJinYoung. And also I’ve donated $81,800USD for ALS on my B-DAY so… I’ll look forward to it. I hope everyone will support and show love. #YG #SM #JYP #ALS #icebucketchallenge #SeungilHopeFoundation”

    Do not try/copy this (safety reminder?) #ForAGoodCause”

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    G-Dragon, ballpoint pen on paper and photoshop, 2014.

    I’m using this drawing today to send a message to the world. Recently G-Dragon has been dealing with lots of threats and mean, harsh and rude comments. And today I made this drawing as an apology to him, for the people who will not apologize when they should. 

    Some may say this is the price of celebrity, but I still think it’s not. I’ve never understood these kind of things. Never, ever, no matter how much I loved an artist, did this love turn into anger towards their choices when it comes to their private lives and harassing them. Never, ever. And I came to the conclusion that indeed, people who claimed to be fans but would do these things I didn’t understand weren’t, in the end, fans. 

    Celebrities and anonymous are people. Celebrities are not better than anonymous, they’re not different from anonymous in their core. Celebrities are, also at some point of their lives, anonymous. They are people. Just like me, just like you. I will never accept the excuse of “the price of celebrity”. Whatever you may become, throughout your whole life, you will stay as a human being. And we all have the same feelings. We all want to be in peace with ourselves and the world around us. So please let it be. 

    If G-Dragon is able to stand where he currently stands now, it’s because he’s talented, and worked hard enough to come this far. This is admirable. But harassment is not the way you should express admiration. 

    I’m not making it only about what GD’s going through. It’s not the first time it happens, it’s not gonna be the last unfortunately, and he’s not the only one dealing with this. My message talks about every person going through harassment because of the notoriety their talent and work gave them. I feel sorry for this. I feel sorry for them, and I feel sorry for the people who make this real. 

    Please also read the great post of orange-unnie and GD’s Instagram post that decided me to do this apologetic drawing.

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