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    GD singing “look at me gwisoon”
    Omfg I’m dying of how cute his voice is 
    here!!! ; U ;!!! *fangirlingggg* 

    Beyond the fangirling… let me use this as an example as to why I’m always claiming JiYong Kwon is a musical genius, and EXACTLY why.

    THIS is a real song. THIS is a song he wrote for DaeSung. THIS VIDEO was before that song existed.

    He made it the fuck up on the spot.

    He made it up right there in this video. Went home… said “wait, that song was pretty good, let me finish it…” 

    And the song… became a fucking hit. G-Dragon… Kwon JiYong… oozes music. From his fingertips. And if you’ve ever watched other behind the scenes videos, you’ll see that this is exactly how he always writes. The songs just come out, and are hits. Of course, he works on them, he changes and perfects them, because he’s a perfectionist…

    But when I say that the finished “Look At Me, Gwisoon” sounds exactly like this… He made it.. the fuck up… on the spot. 

    I never knew that before this video. 

    Note: “Look At Me, Gwisoon” is a trot song, which is a traditional (pop) way of singing in Korea. It’s different from Big Bang’s usual style, which encompasses hip-hop, pop, R&B, rock, and techno. 


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     13/ edits of smiling Dragon~^.^

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How to drink vitamin water sexily
    How to drink vitamin water sexily

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guys, chill. really.

    guys, chill. really.

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    140921 G-Dragon at Chow Tai Fook Fan Meeting in Shanghai

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